Camping info


Here you will find everything you need to know about camping at Pukkelpop: location, price, facilities, amenities, Recycling Deposit, the new camping regulations, etc.

Where can I camp? 

  • You can camp for free at Camping Relax.
  • You can stay at Camping Chill (€ 25). 
  • You can book a luxury accommodation at Camping Relax+. 

Opening hours

  • Our campsites are open day and night from Wednesday 12.00h to Sunday, 12.00h.

NEW: Recycling Deposit 

  • Within the scope of our continuing waste awareness campaign
    we are introducing a Recycling Deposit for campers this year.
  • The Recycling Deposit amounts to €10 and will be settled
    when you get your camping ticket. 
  • The aim is to enable festival-goers to
    (better and more accurately) sort their waste during their stay.
  • It is easy to recover in full
  • Learn more about our Recycling Deposit. 

NEW: Camping regulations 

Free at my campsite! 

  • Hot showers and washbasins
  • Toilets and toilet paper
  • Hot water for coffee, noodles, etc.
  • Food Islands (area where you can heat food - 
    don't forget to bring your microwave resistant cookware) 
  • Bicycle parking at 200m from the campsite
  • Animation & recreation facilities
  • Refuse bags (also check out our Recycling Deposit
  • ADL assistance

Nice to know!  

  • There is a Recycling shop with an extensive range of camping gear (tents, chairs, sleeping bags, mats, microwave resistant cookware, etc.) 
  • Pukkelpop Radio: PKP FM (90.7 MhZ) supported by Studio Brussel. Tune in for the coolest updates and stories from the festival! Wednesday from 12pm until 9pm, Sunday from 9am until 12pm and other days from 10am until 1am.


  • Large camping shop (open 24/24)
  • Bar (open 24/24)
  • Food trucks, festival catering and breakfast stand with fresh sandwiches and coffee.
  • Order a beer voucher and collect
    6 cool 33cl beer cans for € 8 from your campsite counter! 

Good to know!

  • A first-aid team and fire department personnel are permanently on-site. 
  • There are paying lockers with charging stations for your phone. Bring charging cable and (universal) plug. 
  • At the Info Desk you can inflate your air mattress. 
  • At the camping shop 5 minutes of electricity is 1 €.
  • ½ Food & Drink ticket = 1.5l water
  • 1 Food & Drink ticket = 0.5l soft drink (i.o. 25cl at the festival)

FAQ: Camping

    • The aim is to enable festival-goers to (better and more accurately) sort their waste during their stay. 
    • The Recycling Deposit amounts to € 10 and is included in the price of an official PKP camping ticket.
    • This fee can easily be recuperated.
    • The Recycling Points and on-site staff at the official PKP campsites dispense two types of refuse bags: one for residual waste and one for PMD (plastic bottles and containers, metal packaging and drink cartons).
    • Properly sorted refuse bags (residual waste or PMD) must be handed in at an on-site Recycling Point. Festival-goers’ wristbands are scanned with every bag that is handed in.
    • The Recycling Deposit is refunded when the festival is over on the explicit condition that festival-goers have sorted their waste, handed in their residual waste and/or PMD at a Recycle Point and had their wristband scanned.  
    • The Recycling Points at Camping Chill, Camping Relax and Camping Relax+ are open non-stop from noon on Wednesday until 11 am on Sunday. 
    • If and only if these conditions are met, the full € 10 will be refunded into the original buyer’s account by 31 August at the latest.
    • Contact if the conditions were met and you haven’t received your refund by that date. 

    This waste fee is part of our Waste Awareness Campaign. 


    • Access festival terrain: Wednesday, 6.00 pm.
    • Access Camping Relax: from Wednesday, 12.00 (noon) until Friday 12.00 (noon)


    • Access festival terrain: Friday, 11.00 am.
    • Access Camping Relax: from Thursday, 12.00 (noon) until Saturday, 12.00 (noon)


    • Access festival terrain: Saturday, 11.00 am. 
    • Access Camping Relax: from Friday, 12.00 (noon) until Sunday, 12.00 (noon)


    • With a combi ticket you get access to the festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    • On Wednesday you can already access the festival grounds at 6 pm for the Boiler Party.
    • Acces festival terrain: Thursday till Saturday from 11.00 am until 02.00 am
    • Acces campsite: from Wednesday, 12.00 (noon) until Sunday 12.00 (noon)
    • You can camp free of charge at Camping RelaxA camping ticket is mandatory, you can order your free camping ticket on our ticket pageA recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page.
    • Camping Chill tickets are € 25. A camping ticket is mandatory, you can order it on our ticket page. A recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page. CAMPING CHILL IS FULL
    • Discover our glamping and hotel offers
    • There is no minimum or maximum age: everyone is welcome at Pukkelpop! The organisation advises against bringing small children along to the festival and/or campsite. There are no special facilities and/or ticket prices.
    • No, there is no deposit service on the camp sites. Do not bring expensive items or items that need to be kept in storage. Music boxes and/or sound systems should also be left at home. 
    • There is a limited number of (paying) lockers to store your stuff.