Pukkelpop Exchange Service

As you can see, every Pukkelpop ticket is strictly personal and therefore has your name printed on it. So you cannot just give or sell your ticket to someone else. Only the person whose name is printed on the ticket (the user) gets access to the festival.

Of course we understand that it's not easy to make long-term plans and that unforeseen circumstances can never be ruled out. Therefore, we offer you the possibility to update the name on the ticket after the initial purchase. That is our exchange service.

  • User = the person mentioned on the ticket, and the only person who gets access to the festival.
  • Buyer = the person who is known to us as the person who purchased the ticket
Do you have a payed and personalised ticket?
  • Is the user 100% sure that he/she won't go to Pukkelpop?
  • Have you found someone else who wants to use the ticket?
  • Log into tickets.pukkelpop.be/en/exchange-service and request a unique link that enables you to change the user name on the ticket. You can only do this one time.
  • Once the administrative fee has been paid, you'll receive by mail a confirmation of the change of user.

This is the only possible way to transfer a payed ticket to someone else.

Please be aware that in Belgium there's a general and official prohibition of unlawful reselling, as defined in the Act of July 30th, 2013 relating to the sale of event tickets. If you are the beneficiary of the transfer and have paid more than the price indicated on the ticket (original price + administrative cost), then you can reclaim the price difference from the reseller.

Our exchange service complements our services related to ticket sales. Our general conditions of sale remain fully applicable, unless we explicitly define the derogations below. For further interpretation of the terms used herein we refer to the above documents.


Good agreements make good friends, but of course you have to know your friends first. So let us introduce ourselves. This website, including its sub-domains and services, is managed by The Factory cvba-vso, a Belgian non-profit organisation.

Registered office address:
The Factory cvba-vso Diestersteenweg 152
3970 Leopoldsburg, BE
Registered VAT number: 0434.153.588 info@pukkelpop.be

We are also responsible for the website www.pptickets.be





  • To use the online exchange service, you must have a valid payed Pukkelpop ticket for the next festival.
  • Each ticket for the festival is personalised for one specific user.
  • Only the buyer of the ticket can request the unique link.
  • The buyer of the ticket is not necessarily the person whose name is printed on the ticket.

The buyer certifies that the change of user is performed with the knowledge and consent of the original user of the ticket, and thus without violating the rights of the original user. We, The Factory cvba-vso, obviously are not a party to the relationship between the ticket buyer and user. We are not responsible for any form of abuse and/or misuse of our service by the buyer and/or a third party.


Sign in
  • On our website (tickets.pukkelpop.be/en/exchange-service) the buyer can request a unique link by entering the details of the ticket (ID number, shortcode, etc...).
  • Once a ticket is correctly registered, a unique link will be sent to the email address specified by the buyer in the initial order.
New user data
  • Click on the unique link and fill in the details of the new user (the person who will use the ticket to attend the festival).
  • The next step will take you to the payment page.
  • Only after payment of an administrative fee will the new ticket be sent to the email address of the buyer.
  • In the absence of payment, no change will be made and the ticket in the name of the original user will remain valid.
  • By paying you confirm the change. Any change(s) which you confirm is (are) binding, and will lead us to modify the ticket in a definitive manner.
  • For more information about the terms of payment, we would like to refer you to 'What does a name change cost?'.
Modified ticket
  • The modified ticket is emailed to the buyer as a PDF file.
  • The PDF file has to be printed out and is the only valid entrance ticket.
  • The original ticket, in the name of the initial user, will no longer provide access to the festival.
  • In case of problems please contact us by email: servicedesk@pptickets.be.
  • Please state your name, address and phone number, so we can help you as fast as possible.

What does a change of user cost?

An administrative fee is charged for every change of user. The price in euro is clearly stated on the website. This price includes the compulsory VAT and all other taxes.

Following payment methods are possible:

  • Maestro
  • Bancontact / Mister Cash
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • iDEAL (only for customers with a bank account in the Netherlands)

To ensure the security of your online transactions, we only work with the above mentioned payment partners and credit card issuers. Online payments are processed through a closed security system, so the risk of loss and/or theft of your personal or payment details is reduced to a minimum. We are not liable for possible shortcomings of the payment partners and credit card issuers.

Do I have a right of withdrawal?

As our customer you do NOT have the right to cancel your purchase. The right of withdrawal is NOT applicable in this case, because we provide a service (i.e. the reservation of tickets) which is fulfilled immediately.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you expressly declare that you are no longer entitled to the right of withdrawal as soon as The Factory cvba-vso has fulfilled the agreement. The change to the reservation will be executed immediately and automatically after payment.


We, The Factory cvba-vso, are only responsible for providing the unique link and the ability to use this link during the specified time period. We offer this service on 'as is' basis, without any explicit or implied warranty. As a user of our service you know and agree that any use of this service is always at your own risk. Of course we have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the access, safety and proper functioning of the unique link and the relevant web page. If we would fail to comply with this obligation within the original time period, the only remedy will consist in extending that period.

Our liability will in any case be limited to the price of the service. The Factory cvba-vso is furthermore not liable for indirect damage.

General provisions

These conditions are exclusively governed by −and interpreted in accordance with− Belgian law. Disputes fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of Hasselt, Belgium.

We can decide at any time to change these conditions unilaterally and without any form of compensation. Of course, any change will only be applicable for future agreements. Anyway, we encourage you to check our terms and conditions regularly in order to stay informed of possible updates.

If the execution or validity of one of the foregoing provisions would be compromised, then this will have no effect on the validity of the remaining provisions of this agreement.

In case of contradiction and/or dispute, the original DUTCH version of the conditions will prevail over the FRENCH and ENGLISH translations thereof.