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If you’re reading this you probably know why our website exists. Its main purpose is to inform you. The website contains general information on the scheduling of events and the operation of our organisation, The Factory cvba-vso, but also provides specific information on the events for which tickets can be purchased/ordered. The available information is intended purely for commercial and informational purposes relating to the organised events and the resulting ticket sales. While we cannot guarantee that this information will always meet the desired quality standards, every necessary and reasonable effort is made to ensure that it does.

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Our website is the only portal for the purchase of tickets to our events. Only and can guarantee the validity of your ticket. We have taken a host of measures to curb the unauthorised resale of (forged) tickets. Avoid unnecessary disappointment and familiarise yourself with these measures.

Our General Conditions contain more details regarding, amongst others, tickets and the registration procedure for purchase & sales. Please refer to the relevant documents for a more extensive explanation. These documents can be subject to unilateral modifications by The Factory cvba-vso at any given time; as a result, it is advisable to review these documents documents on a regular basis. Certain pages and sections of the Pukkelpop website may be subject to separate and/or additional conditions on top of the General Conditions.


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