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Opening hours

  • The PKP Check-In, located on the other side of the Festival Entrance, opens Wednesday afternoon at 12 noon. You can pick up your festival and campsite wristband when you show your ticket. If you have a Food & Drinks voucher, you can also exchange it there.
    • If you stay at Camping Relax and prefer to pitch your tent first, you can first go to Camping Relax and then pick up your festival wristband at the PKP Check-In.  
  • A combi or Thursday wristband gives you access to the festival site from 6pm on.
  • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the doors will open at 11am.

First Aid

During the festival a first aid team of 'Vlaamse Kruis' ('Flemish Cross') and a doctor will be permanently present. You can recognize the first aid post by their yellow flag with a black cross.

Photo & Film

Festival visitors may be filmed or photographed at or near the Pukkelpop festival site. (Semi-)professional photography, drones and film equipment are prohibited on the festival grounds. Please check our privacy policy for all details. 


There will be a merchandise stand on the festival grounds in the passage between the Marquee and the Main Stage. You can buy fun Pukkelpop gear at the stand, but it also sells clothes and gadgets from your favourite bands.


Bring along your own earplugs or get some at the Blox Shop, near the lockers at the entrance.


  • Pukkelpop is an environmentally conscious festival that puts great emphasis on sustainability.
  • Pukkelpop promotes the use of environmentally friendly and recyclable products and packaging.
  • Waste is sorted and recycled as much as possible.
  • Thank for supporting our PET-project


  • All over the festival site there are hundreds of metres of urinals and about 425 toilets, which are cleaned regularly.
  • In every toilet area there are washbasins where you can wash your hands.
  • The toilets and the toilet paper are free. So do not use the ditches or fences – respect the environment and the other festivalgoers.


In case of emergency, follow the safety instructions:

  • Don’t call, text.
  • Stay calm.
  • Get yourself to safety first.
  • Leave belongings behind.
  • Go to nearest emergency exit.
  • Follow instructions of security staff.

Drug policy

The judiciary of Limburg wants a clear and simple drug policy during e.g. festivals: drug possession is not tolerated.
Police officers will carry out targeted drug checks, e.g. on the access roads, the parking lot, the camp sites and at the entrance.
Visitors can dispose of their drugs anonymously in deposit boxes, placed at the entrances of the festival and camping grounds.

Security near and in front of the stage

No crowd surfing! 
Please respect this safety measure or you may be evicted from the festival site without ticket refund.

Safety corridors
The safety corridors consist of a solid construction of freestanding barriers enabling security personnel and emergency services to carry out evacuations/interventions without disturbing the crowd. The barriers are constructed to divert crowd pressure towards front and sides.

Rubber studded tiles must keep the area in front of the main stage from becoming slippery and muddy.

Video screens
Thanks to the video screens on either side of the stage, fans at the back can also enjoy a full view of what’s happening on the main stage. In other words, you don’t have to be pressed up against the stage to enjoy the festival.


Thanks to the SafeLockers provided by Mobile Lockers, you can store your belongings safe and sound behind lock and key for 1 day or throughout the festival. These lockers are a great place to store your valuables or extra clothing, or a motorcycle helmet. The lockers are guarded and can be accessed during festival hours on every festival day.

  • locker (12cmx22cmx30cm) to charge your phone (bring your own cable) | €7/day -  €25/entire  festival 
  • medium locker (25cmx30cm45cm) |  €7/day - €25/entire festival
  • Xlarge locker (50cmx30cmx45cm) |  €12/day - €45 entire festival


The safelockers are located next to the entrance of the festival.

Please note

  • Day lockers are emptied every evening.
  • All lockers need to be emptied on Saturday night before the closing of the festival.
  • Forgot something? Lost & Found can be reached at the festival entrance between 9am - 6pm on Sunday.

Mobile guide

Everybody appy? (Powered by Proximus)
The Pukkelpop App will navigate you through the festival and its many stages, artists and fringe events – for free!
All you need to do is download the app. Available for iOS and Android.
You’ve downloaded it already? Then don’t forget to update the app periodically!

WIFI (Powered by Coca-Cola)
The festival arena includes several WiFi areas. At the Resto Area, Food Wood, the videowall between Castello & Booth and at Camping Chill, Camping Relax and Camping Relax+.

Charging your phone? (Powered by Proximus)
Recharge your phone at the Main Entrance,Resto Area and the Dance site. Or rent a powerbank at the entrance of the festivalsite or at one of the campings.

You can also charge your phone in a locker at camping Chill and camping Relax.

La Batterie Folie
Need to recharge your battery? Check La Batterie Folie in the new ‘loading zone’ at Food Wood. Also for minor technical malfunctions the place to be! Open every festival day from 11 am to 10 pm.

FAQ: General

  • Lost something on the festival grounds or on the camping site at Pukkelpop?

    • From Sunday 19 August to Monday 20 August you can go to the Info Point, opposite the church of Kiewit, on the corner of the Kempische Steenweg and the Tulpinstraat.
      Opening hours: 8am - 5pm
    • From Tuesday 21 August to Friday 24 August in Crew Office in the middle of the Tulpinstraat, Kiewit.
      Opening hours: 8am - 5pm
    • After 24 August everything will be transferred to our head office in Leopoldsburg and you can arrange to visit us by appointment. Contact info@pukkelpop.be to make an appointment.  All items that were not collected or claimed by Friday 28 September at the latest will be given away or destroyed. 
    • Pukkelpop 2018 takes place on the festival grounds of Kiewit, Hasselt on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of August.
    • Pukkelpop takes place on the festival grounds of Kiewit, Hasselt (Belgium).
    • There is no minimum or maximum age: everybody is welcome at Pukkelpop! Please note that there is no special accommodation or no special ticket prices for little children. 


    • In collaboration with Inter, formerly known as Intro vzw, Pukkelpop puts in a great effort to make the festival accessible to the disabled. We have paid a lot of attention to the accessibility of the festival site and its surroundings.
    • If you wish to make use of the mentioned facilities, please fill out this subscription form before 3 August 2017.


    • Keep track of all Pukkelpop updates automatically by signing up for the official Pukkelpop newsletter.
    • Prohibited our the festival site: fluids, beverage cartons, bottles, glass, cans, camel bags, drugs, sharp objects, alcohol, animals, sound -, film -, video - and photo equipment, drones, selfie sticks, fires and any other objects which may be considered dangerous by the organization. 
    • The organisers reserve the right to search bags and people at the entrance to the festival grounds. You'll also have to pass a walk-through metal detector. Visitors who refuse to cooperate or who are found in the possession of drugs or narcotics will be banned from the festival.
    • Feel free to bring a folding umbrella! 
    • We offer a wide range of food to our visitors: from vegetarian or biological to fast food. Food from different cultures is served at our catering stalls and in a special area, Food Wood.
    • Soft drinks and beer can be bought at the drink stalls scattered all over the site. Specialized stalls sell coffee, milk, cava or fruit juice.
    • You can only pay with Food & Drink tickets. You can buy them at the Food & Drink booths on the festival terrain and campsites. Payment for these Food & Drink tickets can be done with Bancontact, Maestro, Visa of Mastercard. Some booths accept cash. 

    • Attention: at the campsites you can only pay for your Food & Drinks tickets with Bancontact, Maestro, Visa of Mastercard. No cash. 

    • Unfortunately Pukkelpop doesn’t work with individual volunteers. For over twenty years, our organisation has been calling upon associations based in and around Kiewit. All these associations are compensated for their efforts, funds they use to finance their day-to-day operation.
    • It is prohibited to serve drinks with more than 0.5% alcohol to people under 16; so a beer isn't possible.
    • It is prohibited to serve liquor to people between 16 and 18.
    • Bringing your own alcohol to the festival site is strictly prohibited.
    • The Limburg prosecutor’s office implements a transparent policy on the subject of drug use at public events such as festivals: drug possession is not tolerated.
    • As in recent years, police personnel will conduct targeted checks a.o. along access roads, in car parks, at campsites and at the entrance to the festival arena.
    • Visitors will have the opportunity to dispose of their drugs anonymously in special deposit boxes.
  • Pukkelpop is a festival that welcomes everyone regardless of gender, language, political persuasion, racial or ethnic origin, religion or ideology, handicap or impairment, age or sexual orientation. We reject any form of physical or verbal abuse, harassment and respectless behaviour!