• The aim is to enable festival-goers to (better and more accurately) sort their waste during their stay. 
    • The Recycling Deposit amounts to € 10 and is included in the price of an official PKP camping ticket.
    • This fee can easily be recuperated.
    • The Recycling Points and on-site staff at the official PKP campsites dispense two types of refuse bags: one for residual waste and one for PMD (plastic bottles and containers, metal packaging and drink cartons).
    • Properly sorted refuse bags (residual waste or PMD) must be handed in at an on-site Recycling Point. Festival-goers’ wristbands are scanned with every bag that is handed in.
    • The Recycling Deposit is refunded when the festival is over on the explicit condition that festival-goers have sorted their waste, handed in their residual waste and/or PMD at a Recycle Point and had their wristband scanned.  
    • The Recycling Points at Camping Chill, Camping Relax and Camping Relax+ are open non-stop from noon on Wednesday until 11 am on Sunday. 
    • If and only if these conditions are met, the full € 10 will be refunded into the original buyer’s account by 31 August at the latest.
    • Contact if the conditions were met and you haven’t received your refund by that date. 

    This waste fee is part of our Waste Awareness Campaign. 


    • Access festival terrain: Wednesday, 6.00 pm.
    • Access Camping Relax: from Wednesday, 12.00 (noon) until Friday 12.00 (noon)


    • Access festival terrain: Friday, 11.00 am.
    • Access Camping Relax: from Thursday, 12.00 (noon) until Saturday, 12.00 (noon)


    • Access festival terrain: Saturday, 11.00 am. 
    • Access Camping Relax: from Friday, 12.00 (noon) until Sunday, 12.00 (noon)


    • With a combi ticket you get access to the festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
    • On Wednesday you can already access the festival grounds at 6 pm for the Boiler Party.
    • Acces festival terrain: Thursday till Saturday from 11.00 am until 02.00 am
    • Acces campsite: from Wednesday, 12.00 (noon) until Sunday 12.00 (noon)
    • You can camp free of charge at Camping RelaxA camping ticket is mandatory, you can order your free camping ticket on our ticket pageA recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page.
    • Camping Chill tickets are € 25. A camping ticket is mandatory, you can order it on our ticket page. A recoupable Recycling Deposit of €10 will be charged. All info on our Recycling Deposit can be found on this FAQ-page. CAMPING CHILL IS FULL
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    • There is no minimum or maximum age: everyone is welcome at Pukkelpop! The organisation advises against bringing small children along to the festival and/or campsite. There are no special facilities and/or ticket prices.
    • No, there is no deposit service on the camp sites. Do not bring expensive items or items that need to be kept in storage. Music boxes and/or sound systems should also be left at home. 
    • There is a limited number of (paying) lockers to store your stuff.