Sleaford Mods

  • Saturday / 19:25 - 20:25 / Castello

Hiphop, Punk, Spoken Word, Post-punk

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Minimalist punk hop

For fans of

Preoccupations, Savages


Tied Up In Nottz


There they are again: everyone's favourite electro punk duo. With a new record 'English Tapas' in their back pocket. For the second time, the two 40-somethings from Nottingham are gonna spit it all into your face. Their bitterness. The gloomy socio-economic climate of Great Britain. In short, the most acidic bile you'll ever taste. Punk poetry that burns your eardrums and shakes your conscience. Fortunately, some people still dare to scream out loud that the world is going to hell. Will you scream along?