Call Super

  • Friday / 22:00 - 00:00 / Booth
Electronica, Experiment

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Puppet Scene


IT specialists know 'call (to) super' as a tool to replicate/rewrite functions or objects. At least that's what we suppose, because we know much more about programming festivals than code. Joseph Seaton, the artist behind Call Super, can explain all this stuff. Fact is, the London resident has made quite a name for himself with carefully, almost scientifically constructed electronica on the British label Houndstooth, a sidetrack of Fabric Records. Right now, the crown on his work is the album 'Arpo' (2017) which scored very high in the end-of-year lists. As DJ he goes for an eclectic approach, alternating minimal and disco with distorted techno of Trilogy Tapes calibre. A dance party for musical gourmets? Better Call Super!