Oscar And The Wolf

  • Vendredi / 22:45 - 00:00 / Main Stage
Indie, Pop, Synth

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The wonderful world of Max Colombie

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When Oscar and the Wolf first dropped by at Pukkelpop in 2012, they had just released their second EP 'Summer Skin'. Today only a smattering of Belgian artists can boast such a huge resume. Since debut album 'Entity' in 2014, Max Colombie & Co scored hit after hit. After every live show, friend and foe are left searching for words. Songs such as 'Strange Entity', 'Princes' and 'Joaquim' are etched in our collective memory. And their new album 'Infinity' is filled with unforgettable earworms and danceable weltschmerz. With three awards, Oscar and the Wolf became the top winners of MIA's 2017. Now the band is headlining Pukkelpop for the second time. And that's only fair!