George FitzGerald live

  • Samedi / 23:50 - 00:50 / Castello
Berlijn, Germany

Techno, Electronica, House


DJ/producer George FitzGerald, an Englishman in Berlin, makes beautiful, melancholic electronica. Solid beats go together with sing-along vocals and tear-filled handkerchiefs. 'Full Circle' became a smashing hit out of the blue in 2015. His latest album 'All That Must Be' is chock-full of perfect dance and listening music. Plus some great collabs including Bonobo, Lil Silva and Tracey Thorn (Everything But the Girl). As a DJ, FitzGerald has more than 10 years of spinning in Berlin clubs under his belt. And this summer he's coming to Kiewit with a live band!